Eliot Setzer

This is Eliot Setzer's website. Other than programs that I have written, which are mostly in the language and programming directories, there are three major topics of ongoing interest covered here.

I also have a log of additions that I make to this site. The log for the most recent day that I have made an entry is: If your browser will not render XHTML objects inline, see the log at root-directory/log/day/0/#parent.. You can view the log in your full browser window if this is too small or if your browser does not interpret links inside included XHTML objects correctly. Indices of log entries for the current month, the current year, and all years are also available.

About this Site

This site is organized in the same way as an ordinary filesystem, and the indices for URLs ending in / are currently generated by mod_autoindex of the Apache HTTP Server. This allows me to add new files easily, since tar-compatible filesystems are the data structures that I am most used to working with.

Most of the site is likely to only be useful for very specific purposes and so is only indexed in the primary ways that make sense to me, but links from indices hosted elsewhere are encouraged; despite the fact that I use the easy-to-edit filesystem format for storing this site's pages, I have systems in place to prevent any editing that would break links made to pages on this site. Any file that is listed in a directory index page for directories not under /var should continue to exist indefinitely if it is ever made readable and served with a 2xx HTTP status code (files start unreadable (returning HTTP error 403 or similar) and I publish them by making them readable). Moreover, any file (non-directory) not under /var that is not named 0 (with or without file extensions) will remain unchanged indefinitely. There are two exceptions to this. The first is for files in the root directory with names starting with " " (space), since I use them to welcome visitors who may be unfamiliar with my site and who may need to see the most up-to-date version of documentation files such as this in order to understand the rest of the site. The second is for files with names containing "current" (with any combination of upper- and lower-case characters), most notably files in the /COPYING directory, but this exception is (very) deprecated. The reason that only files named 0 are subject to change is that I use a versioning system in which versions of the same file are named using decimal natural numbers starting with 1 and the file named 0 (with matching file extension, if any) represents the current version. Files named 0 are almost always symbolic links to other files in the same directory.

See the file 0.xhtml in the /COPYING directory (within the root directory) for the copyright policy that applies to files on this site. Mostly it says that everything not in the /copies or /derivative works directories is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2.